The Ripley’s Story

Even Ripley’s Didn’t Believe It At First!

Back in 2002, we sent a few videos of a crazy liquid that defied the laws of physics to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, we called it, “The Living Liquid.”  Well, to our amazement, the people at Ripley’s didn’t believe it. They said that is was computer generated animation “CGI”.  We said, well it’s real, how do we convince you? This was several months before IAAPA which is the world’s largest trade show for the amusement industry. They said, “well all our main people will be at IAAPA this year so bring it to the show and let’s see it for ourselves.” So, we spent several months and just over $10,000 building a proof of concept prototype and in 2002 showed it to a select group of Ripley’s executives at IAAPA and to say the least, they were impressed.

With Ripley’s stamp of approval, we began to work on a production version of the. Living Liquid Display.  After 2 years of R&D, several prototypes and an investment of over $65,000, we perfected our design and ended up with two production models.

Well, as everyone in the amusement industry knows, we were really beginning to feel the effects of 9/11 around this time.  All attractions including Ripley’s went into a maintain and sustain mode. Most of the companies like mine either downsized or went out of business. The first Living Liquid Display was delivered to Ripley’s Corporate Headquarters in 2004 only to be warehoused and forgot about.

But not by us! It’s back with several technical upgrades and we would like to make this first time exclusive offer to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!

Thank you for your time and please review our site for additional information.

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